Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello Hello!

So here goes nothing...
I have been running since I was in elementary school, when I would do laps around the middle school track while my older sister and brother played in their  middle school soccer games.  I ran with my older sister Jessica in the evenings, and loved the excuse to spend time with her.  I continued running through high school, as I played soccer, swam, and played softball.  I was never very coordinated, but I could always run.  I was a little slow in getting my driver's license (somehow getting in an accident the day I got my permit traumatized me a little bit) so I ran to my job as a lifeguard, ran to the gym, and sometimes literally "ran" errands.

My love for running continued into college, where I would jog around Penn State's golf course to blow off steam and avoid the freshman 15.  I ran when I studied abroad in Italy, although so many Italians would laugh and make fun of me that spent more time eating than exercising.  I ran a lot after my father passed away.  After college I ran my first marathon (Philly in '05) and did my second in 2006 and third in November of this year.

For most people, hearing a song takes them back to a time in their life or a place they visited.  For me, it takes me back to a run.  No judging my musical taste!  Anything by Tribe Called Quest puts me right back on the grass of the Penn State Golf Course.  ACDC reminds me of my first "real" race, the Mountain Back 50 mile Relay when I ran my allotted 13 miles (in a few different segments) and then threw up.  G Love reminds me of running my first ever 10 miles straight on the trails in Maine.  Counting Crows takes me right back to nights in Rome, running to the Colosseum or the Pantheon and usually to a gelato store afterward.

I started this blog at the poking and prodding of the people who know me best (I've always been a little intimidated to put myself out there!) and I hope to use it to document interesting places I run and to share a little bit of my life with you.  I hope you like it, whether you read it for entertainment, a little running inspiration, or to pass the hours at work, I appreciate the support!

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