Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Workouuuuuttt

Please repeat the title of this blog to the autotuned goodness of the LMFAO song and M&M Super Bowl commercial of awesomeness....

My posts have been pretty serious for the last two days, so I thought I would lighten it up a little bit today.  The weather here in Philadelphia has been unseasonably and unusually warm (we hit 61 yesterday!) which always makes me feel more excited about working out.  When it’s bitterly cold outside it doesn’t seem to matter that my gym is in fact indoors, all I want to do is curl up on the couch in my least flattering fleece clothing and watch stupid television.  (Of course, the cold weather never seems to stop me from eating ice cream.  Go figure.)

I went for a really nice long run on Monday on a route from my mom’s house that I have run for as long as I can remember.  It’s the same route that I ran the morning of my wedding day.  It’s around 7 miles and winds me through neighborhoods and nearby stores, which makes for lots of good people watching and window shopping.  I followed that up with a nice stroll on the trail near our house with Mike and Clyde.  Tuesday I worked out in the gym at work during my lunch hour on some funky cross training machine that’s like a mix of the elliptical and a Nordic Track, but instead of skiing forward, you ski sideways?  The screen lets you play solitaire on it while you workout, so that’s pretty much my entire motivation to use it!  Tuesday night my sister and niece met me for a nice walk around the neighborhood.  Samantha is 3, but insisted on walking Clyde herself.  Clyde obliged, but not without giving me a few looks of, “Boy do you owe me for this one.”

Then yesterday I took the hardest BarreAmped class that I’ve taken to date.  It was brutal.  My legs burned so much that they felt like they were full of molten lava.  My arms shook just trying to pull my ponytail holder out of my hair.  I felt like I had Jell-O for bones.  I totally loved it.  Not sure whether that makes me hardcore, crazy, or just a total masochist but it made me feel such an awesome sense of accomplishment!

I think my goal for lent is going to be to not be a weenie, so a class like that seems to be a good start.

Off to make cold calls…

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