Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Almost Halfway!!

So I'm now halfway through week 19 and things have changed dramatically!  I feel so much better than I did in the first few weeks of pregnancy.  Having everyone know has been such a huge relief, and for the most part friends, family, and coworkers have been unconditionally supportive and kind.  I can't tell you how grateful I feel to have so many wonderful people in my life, or how lucky this baby will be to have so many people around to love it!

We have our anatomy ultrasound shortly and I can't wait!  It was amazing to see how much the baby changed from the week 8 ultrasound (a little kidney bean) to week 12 when you could see a perfect profile and he or she really looked like a baby!  I can't wait to see what a difference another couple of months has made.

My energy levels have been better, although I seem to feel fantastic for 2 days and then exhausted on day 3.  I have definitely noticed that my endurance when I run is waaayyy down.  I'm definitely breathing for two!  I feel out of shape, but I try to remind myself that this is an important part of life and that running quickly or really far isn't the goal right now.  I take more walking breaks and certainly don't sprint.  Other days I walk or do a pregnancy workout DVD.

I haven't had to buy any maternity clothes yet, but I did buy a skirt and a couple pairs of capris in 1 or 2 sizes up, which I've been living in.  It's funny that I think my bump grows as the day goes on... I feel like Pinocchio.  By bedtime I think I look super pregnant, but some mornings you can't tell much at all. Summer dresses have been amazing for being comfortable, still fitting me, and camouflaging my stomach.

Of course, there have still been times when I feel totally freaked out or overwhelmed.  It is amazing and terrifying to know that I will never make decisions with only myself in mind again.  As a self-admitted control freak, it is difficult for me to have no idea what (or who!) the future holds.  I guess that's part of the fun?!?!!

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