Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My 5 Pregnancy Favorites (And the 5 Things I'm Living Without)

My 5 Pregnancy Favorites:

1) My L.L. Bean Plastic Water Bottle:  My sweet cousin gave this to me for Christmas two years ago and it has never come in more handy!  Whether I'm trying to drink 40 oz in the hour and a half before an ultrasound or just trying to stay hydrated during the day, the measurement marks on the side are really helpful.  I take it everywhere with me, usually with a splash of juice or lemonade at the bottom.  Mike usually asks me how my Outward Bound Trip went or when I'm heading on my camping trip, but hey, whatever works!

2) Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Workout DVDs:  As someone who has always relied on working out to stay healthy and sane, trying to figure out what is safe and smart to do when you're pregnant is a little intimidating.  I don't want to be lazy, but I don't want to be stupid either.  Tracy's DVDs come in a set with a different workout video for each month of pregnancy.  I bought them on sale on Amazon for $20 and have already more than gotten my money's worth!  (I will say that I feel like all of the butt lift moves are the same though, which gets old.)

3) Mocktails:  I thought I would miss having a nice glass of wine with dinner, but I quickly realized that I actually don't miss alcohol, just the feeling that a night is "special" or a "celebration" because you're drinking something fun.  I've had a couple of virgin margaritas, daiquiris, sparking grape juice, and other mocktails and they really make it much easier (and more fun) to go without the real stuff.

4) Starbucks Decaf Iced Mocha Lattes:  Decaf coffee kind of stinks, and while I've always taken hot coffee to work with me everyday, the hot weather has made it totally unappealing, so once a week I've been stopping by Starbucks to get a Skim Grande Decaf Iced Mocha (man, that's a pretentious mouthful, isn't it?).  It makes me so much happier!

5) A New Bra: Apparently some parts of me are growing faster than others, so it was very helpful to go in and get remeasured by someone who knew what they were doing!  Turned out my size hadn't changed, but I definitely needed something that was a little more supportive.  It's made such a difference.

And the 5 Things I'm Going Without:

1) A Belly Band: I read about it on blogs and was sure I'd have to invest in one, but frankly the idea of walking around with my pants unzipped and a spandex band around my waist didn't really sound appealing.  I held off on buying one until I "needed it" and just never did.

2) A Husband Pillow:  With the heat outside and the heat of a real husband, the idea of a giant pillow in my bed is not appealing at all.  Maybe I'll change my tune (and yes, I already really miss sleeping on my back) but so far I'm saving my money.

3) A Ton of New Clothes:  When I got pregnant I did a lot of online browsing the maternity sections of Loft, Gap, Old Navy, and Destination Maternity but I never ended up buying anything and I'm so glad I didn't.  I wanted to make sure that I was buying the right size at the right time and not getting a ton of clothes for the wrong season that I would never wear.  I know I will need things, but I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff that I don't need just because it's fun to shop again.  I've also had some very nice people give me very nice hand me downs, so that will help too!

4) The Pregnancy Checklist on The Bump:  I learned my lesson with Wedding Planning.  Nothing stressed me out more than The Knot's ticking clocks telling me (literally) I had 147 overdue wedding items on my checklist.  On The Bump (just to add insult to injury) they use crying baby faces instead of ticking clocks.  I'm ignoring them all.  I listen to my doctor and follow along with What to Expect When You're Expecting, and that's enough for me.  No more added stress needed.

5) Flats: So far I'm sticking with my wedges.  Here's hoping that doesn't mean I have swollen feet down the line as punishment!

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