Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30 Before 30

Recently this article has been floating around Facebook.  It's a great list and a clever idea.  As someone who recently turned 30, I wanted to add my two cents, so below you can find my list of 30 things every woman should have by the time they are 30:

1)      A doctor you trust and can be honest with without fear of judgment.
2)      A hair dresser you trust and can be honest with without fear of judgment.
3)      A great daily sunscreen for your face.
4)      Experience living with a roommate.
5)      Experience living on your own.
6)      The ability to make at least one meal that doesn’t come out of a box.
7)      An understanding of what looks good on your body and what just doesn’t. (You can’t own what you have until you know what you’ve got.)
8)      Experience traveling with someone else.
9)      Experience traveling on your own.
10)   Experience taking care of something.  (A dog, a child, a grandparent, a plant, your favorite Prada bag…)
11)   A favorite book.
12)   A perfect story for cocktail parties.
13)   A favorite restaurant.  (A woman should know what she wants and not be afraid to speak up.)
14)   One activity that can make you happy, and can act as the perfect reward for a really bad week.
15)   A heartbreaking experience that you survived. (Nothing will make you stronger than knowing you’ve already been through the ringer and back.)
16)   The ability to write the perfect thank you note.
17)   A business card.
18)   Something to look forward to.
19)   A bra that fits and is less than two years old.
20)   A multivitamin that you remember to take more days than not.
21)   A driver’s license.
22)   A good handshake.
23)   The ability to speak in public.
24)   An email address that’s not embarrassing or something you created in middle school.
25)   At least one accomplishment you’re truly proud of.
26)   Someone you can count on to pick you up from the airport, take you to the emergency room, or bail you out of jail.
27)   The ability to navigate a city.
28)   A savings account.
29)   A plan for what you would do if you won the lottery.  (We all have to have dreams, right?)
30)   The confidence that you would be just fine on your own if you had to be.

What did I miss?

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