Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's Next?

Much to my dismay, I was not selected in the New York Marathon lottery. I am disappointed, in part because I've heard it is an absolutely incredible experience and in part because I was excited about having a race on the horizon. I wanted to have a goal and something to work toward. I wanted to feel like I was in the hunt again, and to revisit the incredible rush I've always felt when I would finish my long run for the week. No matter what else happened in the rest of my week, I could look back and think, "I finished an 18 mile run yesterday," and feel a great sense of accomplishment.
This time last year my only fitness goals were to stay healthy through the crazy wedding planning process and to fit into my dress on the big day. Now I want more. I want to gain fitness, to be stronger and faster than I ever have before. I don't want to run just to run anymore, I want to be running toward something. I want to be excited about a race again.
Of course, there will be other races and more opportunities to have those great feelings in the future, but for now I'm paging through Runner's World's Race Finder wondering what is next for me. Philly again? Chicago? Running for charity? A trail race? 31 miles for my 31st birthday? Only time will tell...I just hope I can rise to the challenge when the right opportunity comes along.


  1. Whatever race or adventure you choose, I want to join you! (refer to #1 on 5/12 Motivation post)