Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In Demand On Demand

Yesterday, after spending an hour sitting in a bowling alley parking lot (my life is so glamorous you have no idea) I came home from work and did something I rarely do.  I picked out an On Demand workout video and went to town in my living room.  I usually try to exercise at work during my lunch break, run outside, or take classes at the gym, but since I spent most of my work day in New Jersey and the idea of hitting the post-workday rush at my gym and spending 20 minutes just looking for a parking space didn’t seem appealing, I figured I’d hang with Clyde and turn my brain off and let someone else tell me what to do for 45 minutes.
In truth, part of my motivation to workout was my newly acquired Lululemon crop pants (I totally thought it was pronounced with a Jamaican accent like lu-lule-mon for the longest time).  I swear, these pants are life changing. 

(Please note, those are not my legs… and sadly they are not my abs either.  I do have a nice pink pedicure though.  Take that torso-less woman!)

The pants are as comfortable as sweatpants but make me feel like a trendy teenager heading off to lacrosse practice.  I have noticed that I seem to be the only one in BarreAmped classes with writing on my t-shirt (old lifeguarding t-shirts, Phillies giveaways, race shirts) and am starting to feel like my workout wardrobe was supposed to graduate with me when I left my 20’s.  However, I can’t really justify spending an arm and a leg on new workout clothes when all I do is roll around on dirty mats and get sweaty in them, so for now I’m taking baby steps to workout wardrobe maturity.

Anywho, the workout I found included 4 circuits of cardio, abs, and weights.  The cardio and abs stayed the same for all four rounds (grapevines, walking squats, jumping jacks, double jacks, burpees, and mountain climbers followed by planks, crunches, scissor kicks, bicycle crunches, double crunches, and side crunches).  I am officially crunched!  After the first round there were a few different arm and shoulder exercises which seemed exceptionally difficult because the only weights that I have in my house are 9 lbs each, which means I can lift them above my head about one time before I feel like my arm is going to break in half.  The second round of the circuit was more arms, then the last rounds were squats, lunges, and donkey and sidekicks on the ground.  I felt like I was back in Barre Class.

 Mountain climbers were so much easier when I was in elementary school! 

The entire workout of four circuits took 41 minutes (not that I was counting) and was made only marginally more difficult by the fact that Clyde kept trying to lie on my mat or lick me while I was completing each exercise. I finished my workout with a mile-and-a-half walk outside as a reward for Clyde for letting me finish.  My reward was two hours of The Bachelor: Women Tell All, with built in commentary from my husband.  That’s love.

Oh Courtney, if only those tears were real...


  1. That courtney is such a phony! Wait I mean uhhh I don't watch that show...

  2. haha, "lu-lule-mon," that's great! I like your comeback to the torso-less woman, too. :-)