Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

Besides my husband, family, friends, Clyde and all of the obvious stuff... these are the little things that can make a rough day a little bit better.

1) Coffee (And my amazing Keurig coffee maker.  In a fire I would rescue it right after Mike, Clyde, and my jewelry and before anything else.  Don't judge me.)
2) Crossword Puzzles (Particularly out of Star Magazine.  I only get like 5 clues on the New York Times Monday edition.)
3) Driving with the sunroof down and the music up.
4) Not being on a plane.
5) Pedicures.
6) Finishing a workout.
7) Sunlight.
8) CW shows that I probably should have grown out of 10 years ago.
9) French toast.
10) Frozen yogurt.
11) Roasted brussel sprouts (a new addition)
12) Dinner out
13) Hot hot hot showers.
14) My Kindle.
15) Getting in the car and remembering the gas tank is full.
16) Gilmore Girls reruns.
17) Balega and Feetures! socks.
18) Uggs.
19) A nice glass of wine.
20) Sleeping in.
21) Massages.
22) Free weekends.
23) Mac and cheese.
24) Putting Peeps in the microwave and watching them grow into massive pink bunnies a la Monty Python.
25) Long hikes.
26) GummyVites.

What about you?

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