Monday, March 12, 2012

A Scary Peak Into My Brain

Things I thought about last night when I couldn’t fall asleep because of Daylight Savings Time:

1)      Work

2)      The different ways to put on a swim cap

3)      My days as a lifeguard

4)      Our honeymoon in the Cayman Islands

5)      Our upcoming trip to San Francisco

6)      Work

7)      What to wear to work the next morning

8)      Towels

9)      My sister’s birthday

10)   How I really wanted to be asleep

11)   Hypnosis

12)   My grandparents

13)   How tired I was going to be in the morning

14)   Work

15)   Breakfast

16)   Why I was so hungry

17)   This blog

18)   Working out

19)   Packing

20)   Work

21)   The Bachelor

22)   Clyde (he was snoring)

23)   How sore I was from Saturday Barre

24)   Work

25)   Wednesday Barre

26)   How much I love flying (not even a little bit)

27)   Why my nose felt stuffy

28)   Work

Fun times. 

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