Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer Came Early

The weather has been gorgeous in Philadelphia for the past few days, reaching into the low 70s.  This is freakishly nice weather for Philly in March, when we’ve been known to have brisk temperatures and even some snow.  Combined with the extra hour of daylight each evening and you’d think it was summer around here.

On Tuesday I took Clyde to the paved 5-mile trail by our house after work and it was wonderful to see how many people were taking advantage of it.  Folks cruising on their bicycles like they were riding down the boardwalk at the Jersey shore, new parents with strollers trying to keep their eyes open, mothers with their teenage daughters talking about their day at school, high schoolers in training for spring sports, middle-aged men running in golf shirts, and middle-aged women speed walking in tight yoga pants with their coiffed Anna Wintour-esque bobs bouncing as they chatted away on their cell phones.

There were also a ton of dogs, much to Clyde’s delight.  His tongue was hanging out of his mouth the entire time like a big slice of ham.  (Mike and I are convinced it’s too big for his mouth.)  He got a little tired by the time we hit mile 4, but I bribed him with a trip to the pet store and he perked right up again.  (Yes, he absolutely knows the name of the pet store and if I try to get in the car after a walk without going to the pet store first, he wants no part of it.)

It was wonderful getting to enjoy being outside again without bundling up in 5 layers or worrying about getting rained on.  It reminded me of how much better everything seems in the summer, and how much more time you feel like you have in the evenings to run or hike or cook healthy meals on the grill.  (I’ve heard people cook healthy meals on the grill.  I have yet to actually try it myself.) 

If this is what we’re in for for the remainder of spring, I’ll take it! 

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