Monday, March 5, 2012

Why I'm Here...

I want to thank everyone for your support and kind comments on this blog.  I started it for a few reasons, which I figured I’d share with you.
First, and foremost in my pre-sales rep life, I was a writer.  It’s something that I enjoyed, and while I’m no Shakespeare (hell, I’m no Danielle Steele) it’s something that I miss.  I think being able to put something out into the world is an incredible opportunity, even if “the world” turns out to mostly be members of my family or a random stalker who stumbles onto my page looking for updates on that random Jocelyn woman who is trying to turn her face into a cat’s face.  (I kid you not, by the way, she really exists…)


Secondly, I know there are some blogs out there that I enjoy and give me a break in my day and a peek into another world when I really need one.  Kristin Armstrong, blogger for Runner’s World posts once a week and I will refresh the Runner’s World webpage over and over again until I see her new column appear.  (At home of course.  I would never waste company time in such a frivolous manner.)  Kristin just manages to have the best outlook on life, running, and family.  She always looks at the big picture and as goofy as it sounds, I feel refreshed after I read her posts.

 The blog Peanut Butter Fingers is another one of my favorites.  I don’t know why I get sucked into reading about the lives of other people, but I do.  It’s like a mini reality TV show, but instead of having the “stars” of the show be rich, crazy celebrities still pretending to act like normal people trying to make it in the world while they are getting paid millions each year to invent drama, the “stars” are real people, who really are living normal lives.  I can relate to them.  They’re like friends. ( Maybe even people that I refer to as friends when I tell stories about things that happened to them in public.  Unless that makes me a crazy stalker.  Then I take it back.)

So that’s why I’m here.  I don’t think anyone wants to read what I had for lunch each day or the fact that I routinely drive into the state of New Jersey by accident,  but I hope that I can entertain people and let them know that we all think about and worry about the same things.  (We do all worry that we have tetanus, that we will become a sleep eater, and that our dogs are slowly morphing into fat gospel singers, right?  I thought so.)  

Or if nothing else, I hope to remind you all of the dangers of plastic surgery.  There’s such a thing as aging gracefully people…

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