Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Secret Obsession

It all started innocently enough.  My favorite channel on my Sirius Satellite Radio (Cosmo Radio, Fun Kids Club Squad Team!) happened to start featuring Dr. Jenn Berman on their evening show, which was always playing when I drove home from work at night.

I loved listening to the caller's problems because no matter what was going on in my life, it wasn't nearly as bad as Jeff's problem with his wife who tried to climb out the window in her sleep, or Jill's problem with her Mother in Law who was determined to take her kids away from her, or James who was ending his relationship with his wife of 34 years because she didn't understand his passion for apples.

Now I've also found Dr. Laura on Sirius Starz.  At first, I found her a little scary.  She was not afraid to cut off callers.  She dismissed introductions and chit chat and didn't take BS from anyone.  She also didn't give sympathy to everyone either.  Surprisingly, I found that the callers I thought she was going to pounce on were usually the ones that she ended up being nice to and the ones I thought she would be nice to were the ones she ended up pouncing on.  While Dr. Jenn often gave the advice I would give, Dr. Laura gets to the heart of problems by asking questions that I would never even think to ask.  Even when she tells callers things they didn't want to hear, they can't help but agree with her.  I'm officially hooked.
What's your secret obsession?  Am I a bad person because listening to other people's problems makes me feel better about my life?

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